What is Mindset?

Mindset is where it all starts. Mindset is the foundation that greatness and success is built upon. Mindset is the part of you that nobody sees. The character of who you are when nobody is watching. Mindset is vision, action, consistency, and belief all together as one recipe for success. Geared toward a fitness lifestyle, Mindset was created to highlight the unspoken perspective of success. 

Brody Wahlen (Founder)

Growing up I had a passion for skateboarding. I would spend about 7 hours a day during the summers at the skatepark trying to learn new tricks. I would try and fail over and over again until I landed that trick. Every time I learned a new trick I would get the most intense natural high. A feeling of success. Another hobby of mine was art and design.  I love to draw and could do so for hours. 

In 2015 I had my first break up and my mom suggested that I try and workout to blow off some steam, so I did. I had never worked out before and had no knowledge of what I was doing. Same as I did for skateboarding, I went to the internet and started learning. Then I found Greg Plitt. To this day he is my biggest inspiration for not only fitness but living a motivated lifestyle. I took what I learned from Greg Plitt and started applying it to my own life, and that is when everything changed. 

Five AM wake ups became a normal thing, and my confidence in the gym was growing. I started getting bigger and more people started to notice. In no time, people started asking questions about how I workout and the way I do things. My answer was always that I have a new mindset. A mindset for success! 

The feeling of inspiring others matched the feeling I would get when I would land that new trick on my skateboard, so I set out to find a way to forward the message to as many people possible. Then mindset was created in 2018. I created Mindset to represent the people that are driven and motivated. People that are not afraid to face challenges. People who are willing to fail over and over again until things go their way. For people that have a vision. For people that have the will to take action and stay consistent. For those that have a belief so strong that it overrides the crowds disbelief. For people with a dream.

Fisher Wahlen (Co- Founder)

Hello, I’m Fisher Wahlen one of the creators of Mindset. My fitness journey didn’t have a tragic beginning like a lot of others. No heart break, no bullying, nothing special. I actually only started going to the gym to spend more time with my brother because it was something he loved to do. Then I slowly started to enjoy it myself and now I live for fitness! Why this is important is because even though we all started for a different reason we all want the same thing and the only way we are going to get there, is with the right mindset!

Our Products

Our products started as pre-designed wholesale products from a local print shop. We have always strived to pick the best fit and feel for our customers. Now in 2021 we are moving to a new way of creating our products. From now on everything will be custom! The design, the fit, and the fabric. We will even be customizing the stitching. Our goal is to create 100% custom designs that will be the competition for some of the top brands in fitness.